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Answer:1. it is money set aside before tax deductions; some employers match employee contributions2. flex time3. overtime4. It's a person's income before taxes and deductions.5. Work atmosphereStep-by-step explanation:1. 401k plans allow employees to set aside before-tax money for retirement. It goes into a special account (not the employee's checking account). Some employers match all or part of the contribution as an incentive to get the employee to contribute.2. The term "flex time" generally refers to the employer giving the employee permission to set their own hours within broad limits. It might also include the option to telecommute for some portion of the week or month.3. "Exempt" employees are not governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires that overtime be paid beyond some number of hours per day or week. "Non-exempt" employees fall under the rules imposed by that act, including payment of overtime.4. Gross income is the pay amount before any deductions of any kind.5. "Optional benefits" are benefits—usually of a monetary kind—an employer provides that are not required by law. The work environment or work atmosphere usually includes things like temperature, noise, lighting, available personal space (or limits thereon). It may also include a dress code and/or limits on casual clothing.